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Adrian Sassoon

Wordpress Design & Build

Adrian Sassoon is the UK’s leading art¬†dealer in contemporary works of fine art and antique French Porcelain. Based in London, they exhibit some quite unique and beautiful works of art at some of the world’s most prestigious art fairs such as The Salon Art + Design New York, TEFAF Maastricht and Masterpiece London.


The Challenge

We were tasked to digitally showcase some of the world’s most desirable and visually arresting¬†objet d’art, and their respective artists, whilst supporting the demanding operational needs of a prestigious art dealer.

One of the strongest challenges here was a UX one. We had to create a complex and full-featured catalogue whilst retaining a clean and modern visual experience – to let the art speak for itself whilst being easy to find, navigate on the front-end and easy to catalogue and manage in the back-end.

Furthermore, being a visually-led website, we had to ensure that the fidelity of the images remained high whilst not compromising the overall site speed and performance across all devices and data connections.


Our Response

Setting the right tone through design was hugely important at the beginning of this design and build. The starting point was to create a simple framework on which the art would be showcased at its best. A strong grid design allowed us to ensure all images and associated copy detail maintained presence, clarity and consistency whilst being easy to navigate between artists and their work.

We built the site in WordPress for a few key reasons. Firstly, it gave us the flexibility we needed to create a series of custom attributes for cataloguing and managing artworks without requiring the site administrators to learn complex taxonomies. It also allowed us to develop quickly and create prototypes early on in the schedule, gain early feedback from the client to refine the solution. Finally, WordPress gives us the theming flexibility require to deliver on the design we and the client wanted to build without compromise.