Northcliffe Media

Bath Chronicle Media Campaign

Above the line media campaign for weekly newspaper

Bath – lots of Georgian splendour, but very little connectivity. That’s what our client – Northcliffe Newspapers (now Local World) told us.

Meaning the new, young, affluent residents of Bath didn’t have a deep rooted relationship with their local community. Which meant they didn’t read the Bath Chronicle. What’s more, the existing readership profile was getting older, and more downmarket.

The ‘Chron’ changed from a daily to a weekly newspaper, and a radical change in design was taken to appeal to the new population. Taking style cues from the more stylish national newspapers, the editorial team revamped the art direction, typography and use of photography.

Creative campaign

When we got the call, the new ‘Chron’ was a week from launch. So, 24 hours after taking the brief, we were back with a fully art-worked campaign designed to appeal to an erudite and sophisticated metropolitan audience.

Our campaign focused on words – not images. This was a time for the new Bath Chronicle to make a definitive statement about who they were, what they stood for and what they believed in. It invited the audience to buy the paper, go online, and join in the debate on all the issues that matter most in Bath.

We ran the campaign ran on 48 sheets, 6 sheets, bus-sides and online. During launch, the Bath Chronicle was virtually on every street in the city. 

“I certainly didn’t envy you, coming in late, being given an unusual brief and then coming over here and hearing a million different message from us (we are a passionate bunch!) but I think you have produced some cracking, classy designs.”

Sam Holiday, Editor