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Dusty Ape

Brand Identity, Packaging and Ecommerce

When we sat down with Phil Buckley and Evan Metz in the summer of 2013 there was an excited sparkle in their eyes. They were like kids in a sweet shop. In actual fact, they were adults in a coffee shop but the reaction was very much the same.

They had the ambition to create their own coffee company and turn a genuine passion into a successful business. This passion was infectious and it was clear that we had a real opportunity to create something truly memorable.


The Brief

The brief was to create a brand identity that was equally as memorable as their coffee. Something evocative, striking and original, all aimed at the discerning coffee drinker.

The brand also needed to be adaptable as it was required to have the potential of carrying multiple products and flexible enough to extend into other markets.

It needed to look great on-pack and print but it also needed work through digital applications and translate well for large format at live events.


Our Response

We created a striking and memorable logotype around the name Dusty Ape. The idea was to create a character that was evocative, emotive, cheeky and in the know and so the ape was born. The illustrative execution was a woodcut print effect that gives it a vintage edge and enhances the innate personality.

In support of the logotype we also created the positioning line, Knowing Coffee, which was actually the creative theme throughout the development of the identity.

The first generation of packaging for the coffee bags was centred around the ink stamp. We wanted to keep a hand-crafted feel against the printed labels. Each bag was hand-printed for a few years until the new packaging was introduced.

As well as the identity and packaging we designed and produced the merchandise, e-commerce (Shopify) site, and branded digital channels.


Deadline Coffee

We have developed our own agency coffee with Dusty Ape called Deadline which is now available to buy online. Our blended coffee packs a punch but remains drinkable throughout the day – a session coffee if you will – perfect for the modern day workplace.